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Client Feedback


“Very fun and informative week.  Each day was packed with new information.”  Patrick

“I have come away with a much greater knowledge of sailing than I had before & an interest in learning more.  Wonderful homemade food.  Could not want for more.”  Nick

“Very enjoyable, very well organised.  A very experienced instructor which gave us confidence in our safety on the boat.”  Anne


“Great school.  Had lot of experience and learnt a lot from instructor, Dave, while always having fun in what we were going.  Excellent food items and menu appealing to all tastes.”  Rami

“High organisation and prevent food preparation so we had more time for training.   Strong, friendly and humorous instructor.”   Dmitry

“Great, very comfortable and well-maintained boat.  Great instruction.  And very good organisation!  It made me comfortable with the choice I made even before coming to Brittany, thank you Alison.  Excellent food!  Now I understand better the comments left on the website.”  Vanessa


“Very positive experience all round.  Makes us want to do more.  We will recommend this course to our friends.  I expected the course to be more formal (based on the Competent Crew book), it was a relief that it was not so structured – it made it more fun (and easy).  A good introduction to sailing.  Thank your for taking into account our vegetarian requirements.”   Lauren

“You are two ‘persones très sympathiques’”  Bruno

“Oh my god!  I am impressed by the patience of Dave.  Thank you.  Bonne experience. ”  Philippe


“Excellent!  I really enjoy the style of teaching, the atmosphere and felt Dave’s experience could not have been beaten by similar school.”  Rob

“Many thanks Dave for your kindness and patience regarding my poor understanding of the technical terms and actions to do!  I learnt a lot this week thanks to you!”  Gwendal

“Positive, effective , lots of good tips, ready to help anytime.”  Jean

“Very good week, friendly, patient and take time to explain you when you don’t understand.  Perfect, good instruction, friendly, excellent food.”  Guillaume

“Friendly, great experience in all aspects of sailing, boat handling, navigation, etc.”  Tobias


“Thanks Dave for your patience, easy to understand & concise feedback / instructions & last but not least sense of humour.  To be recommended.  Excellent service.”  Marius

“I learned a lot;  it is a privilege to have had an instructor like Dave.  I gained weight, despite of all physical efforts.”  Jean-Marie

“Quality training with good and friendly instructor together with fantastic food.”  Edward

“Really really very good indeed.  Extremely glad I came over and will come again if I ever get back across this side of the world.  Thank you!”


“I’ll be back for my Ocean.  Thanks Dave and Alison for a great 2 weeks.  Thanks for helping me achieve my Offshore Yacht Master.  Thanks for the good sailing and good time!”  Daniel

“Warm & cheerful atmosphere during the course.  I learnt many things, thank you Dave.  Cakes LEGENDARY!  And a homemade cuisine.  Just perfect.”  Ziemowit


"Thank you for a GREAT week! Thank you Alison, Thank you Dave. Thank you Tamara and Thank you the God of Winds!!" Sam 

"I would like to thank you Dave for your patience with my not very good English and your nice comments. I had a lovely and unforgettable week of my life. Thank you Alison for your delicious foods and your kindness."

"Continue, you are the best!" Jean-Yves

"Brilliant. Also tailoring the course, dates etc. exactly to my needs." Jan

"I enjoyed the rich table very much. It was a feast every day. Thanks to great Alison’s cooking and great Dave’s serving." Eliška

"Dave was friendly to our different levels of knowledge about sailing. Dave made my days on board less stressful and then I could slowly get into the magic of sailing. Alison should open on-board cooking school or courses." Daniela

P7290002"Best parts were Sailing, Eating, Sailing in the Darkness! Exciting, funny, beautiful, busy. Fantastic Crew!! I really enjoyed it!!" Michele

"Excellent food. Delicious cakes. An excellent week. A very good ‘souvenir’ and hope to see you soon." Olivier 

"It was thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait to come back in July/August!" Neville

P6030012"Everything was great but night sailing was particularly enchanting. Dave is a great instructor, always calm and clear. Did not expect such great food." Simon

"Cakes – OUI! Overall Great with nice crew and instructor. The course of 6 days was very informative." Daniel

"Dave was very professional and we felt safe and that he was fully under control at all times. The food was amazing! Learnt a lot, great mixture of an active and relaxing week. Overall really great week, very happy." 

"Everything was just GREAT! Dave is a great instructor!! VERY efficient, he’s not afraid of letting us do the things, which involves make mistakes and so learn from them. WAHOU! Really didn’t expect such quality food, thanks! Overall, Amazing and very ‘enrichissante’. Made me confirm that I want sailing to be part of my life :-)" Lucy

"The whole learning process together with great food and the good company. Dave is a very calm, positive, stimulation instructor. Alison’s cooking is a very good reason to start sailing. It was a great experience, to be repeated!" Marjan

P5270001"Very patient instructor thanks!! Friendly - well organised." Raphaëlle

"Serious training course with experienced and relaxed instructor with good sense of humour. Hope to be back for some training in the near future." Edward

"Very hands on training, in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Dave used any opportunity to explain, teach, show and give us the opportunity to practise. Very good quality homemade food. I’ll try to find other opportunity to come sailing & training with SSB." Jean 

"Relaxed but learnt. Good for the team Dave gave them confidence – very good would recommend." Corporate Day Sail 05/13

"Best part of the day – taking the helm and eating the cake ;-)" Corporate Day Sail

P5200005"Dave took the time to explain me all my ‘incompréhensions’ and gave me solutions, with a smile and positive. Alison is very reactive and a famous chef – The job is done!!" Mathieu 

"A big THANK YOU for making me achieve my aim." Avdhesh

"Brought the books to life. Very friendly a lovely stay and we will be back!" Mac

"Thanks a lot for a great week with many experiences." Tobias

"Patient, good teacher, calm. Good cooker!" Nicolas

"Flexible Instructor who adapts on the expectations, so very good. Well organised. Bon rapport qualité prix." Sarah 

P5240137"Thanks to Dave to give me confidence. Food 5++++ Thanks Alison." Simon

"Great learning environment. Reachable down to earth Instructor." Mario

"Friendly Instructor and learning environment. Full of knowledge. Good wholesome food." Corina

"Dave was too dedicated. Victualing - Absolutely delicious! You should increase your prices as 3* Michelin dinner is served every night. I could not imagine that with so little money spent, I would get 2 persons (Instructor &Principal) dedicated all-time 24/7 to the crew wellness." Antoine

"I feel that my sailing ability has increased. I loved the general sailing area." Andris

"Very good at all point of view. Will recommend." Alex

"Another excellent week with Dave." Scott

P9050045"I had a very good 2 weeks, very good teaching techniques and preparation for the YM. I had a great time learning with Dave, I will always remember what he taught me about sailing when I'm out there somewhere." Daniel

"Just recommend to anyone, a MUST." Scott

"A lot of good challenging exercises. Good Company. Food was excellent". Barry 

"Brilliant 2 days. Fun, friendly. Thanks Dave & Alison." Hugh

"Dave was very relaxed and happy to answer all our questions. Brilliant - the Golfe is the perfect place to 'learn the ropes'." Verity

"Sailing around Belle Ile with dolphins and clear blue skies." Daniel

"Dave is an excellent host and I could not have asked for more, looking forward to the next time on Tamara. I am inspired to continue with yacht sailing" Kevin

"It was just as we wanted, holiday + instruction + miles. Excellent - will definitely recommend." Simon 

"The amount of sailing we got in - good wind, excellent instruction + beautiful scenery. Nice to have an instructor with such a good sense of humour. Darren was top notch. Excellent home baking thanks Alison!" Jane

IMG_0061"Best parts of the week, swimming in the sea and visiting all the lovely islands, including cider tasting! Thank you very much for a great week and Darren was a lovely instructor." Kate 

"Would happily come again / recommend to friends. Thank you!!" Ben 

"Dave is a very patient teacher and paced the lessons to suit my learning. I would thoroughly recommend him to others." Debbie

"As a 'holiday' crew member I wasn’t on a formal course. However, as a complete novice, I learn a great deal. A really enjoyable few days." Clive

"Dave was brilliant - I had complete confidence in him, loved his sense of humour. Food was absolutely excellent and plentiful. Booklet of cake recipes would have been brilliant too! Never thought that I would enjoy it so much - loved it." Julia 

"Training was well delivered & effective, well-tailored to my training needs & matched to experience. Dave has a well-judged & supportive approach to training - an excellent mentoring style, creates a great environment for learning. Catering was outstanding, many thanks Alison. It would be invidious to choose between the excellent cakes - Yum. A really professional & well run course, a well-equipped & maintained boat, a thoroughly enjoyable & good humoured week of mentoring & learning. Dave & Alison are also excellent hosts at their shorebased accommodation & this is a great base for anyone considering accompanying a shorebased course candidate." JeremySailing June

“Once done never forgotten!” Scott

“Sailing, food, camaraderie on board. Keep up the good work. Great food. Best quality of life I’ve had on board a school boat.” Louis

“A week that I will remember for a truly worthwhile experience, in fantastic surroundings, that will be recommended.” Scott 

“Covered everything I expected & more. Brilliant & Wonderful!” Amal